• Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    Broadcast Your Favorite Sports on Facebook Live

    Everyone is a fan of some sports or the other, whether is it soccer, baseball, basketball or any of the huge variety of sports. And there is no better way to watch a game than at the venue. There is something about watching a game sitting with the cheering fans, without any advertisements and wishing good luck to your favorite sports star. It elevates the whole experience.
    Live Broadcast to FaceBook
    But more often than not, many people are not able to make it to the venue to watch a match live. Work and other commitments are the usual deterrents. Of course, you can watch it on TV, but not all matches are telecast on TV and the sheer amount of advertisements accompanying the match on TV will put people off of watching the match. But with the live streaming device, you can live stream any match to Facebook and give the live viewing experience to all your friends. Since, Freedocast can stream HD videos, you can stream high-quality content and its battery life of the device more than 3 hours ensures that you can cover a whole match and won't miss out on anything.

    So from now on, while you are watching a match from the venue, live broadcast to Facebook using the reasonable priced Freedocast Pro device and share your experience with the rest of your friends.

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